Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality reme haloThe REME Halo™ air purification system is ultimate in air purification technology. Attaches directly to the HVAC system and sends ionized advanced oxidizers throughout your entire house to destroy micro-organisms, gases, VOCs, odors, particulates, and dust. Continuous purification process is perfect for homes, apartments, offices, shops, restaurants, and even locker rooms.








indoor air quality honeywell humidifier

Efficient, On-Demand Humidification.
  • HumidiPRO controller helps protect against window condensation and frost
  • Auto-Adaptive technology adapts to changes in water conditions
  • Kit allows for installation up to five feet (15 foot kit available) from system
  • Disposable canisters for easy maintenance with no special tools required
  • Quiet operation means it won’t interrupt your day-to-day activities
  • 5-Year Warranty